Alright, y’all, we’ve got a new episode up with @janelledinosaurs AKA @cirque_psych (LSW). In this episode, we covered how the language we use can impact our physiological response in training, the benefits and detriments of perfectionism as it applies to training, and how to regulate our nervous system to support our goals (and just generally had a great time!).

Janelle is a contortionist, aerialist, circus coach, and therapist (LSW). She started @cirque_psych in 2018 in response to seeing a need in the circus community for more transparency and vulnerability around mental health and mental illness. Janelle’s work supports circus folks in improving their relationships with themselves, and uses circus analogies to explore topics in mental health, wellbeing, and social change. Check out her website at and the articles that we mention are listed here: