I was lucky enough to take Aaron’s Introduction to Straps: Spinning and 1-Arm Inversions Workshop while he was in Atlanta. While I have been doing aerials on and off for about 7 years, straps are relatively new to me and not natural to me. He provided excellent direction and exercises to help replicate proper positioning and muscle engagement. His open attitude and sense of humor also made challenging exercises fun. I hope to be able to take more classes and workshops with him in the future.
Heather Van Alstyne

I took an aerial straps workshop when Aaron was traveling on the east coast. He is an incredible instructor with such important knowledge about the body and how it works. He was great at spotting and I left the workshop feeling much stronger and capable than before it. I also worked on skills that I thought were completely out of my range and felt successful. Aaron is an all around great instructor and I am so glad I had the opportunity to train with him!
Katie Rothweiler

5/7 – Denver, CO (Gravity Aerial Arts)

Quest for Press Handstands

As a massage therapist myself, I can also say that he has a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics, which help keep me feeling safe every lesson.
Megan M.

Oakland, CA

Aaron’s knowledge of anatomy and movement is vast and well applied in how he sequences teaching handstands. He is warm, personable, well-organized and thoughtful with his instructions. His approach is inventive and reflects a deep understanding of the body works.
I always enjoy his classes and am left with a feeling that i have worked worked harder and more intelligently than I could have without his expertise. He clearly knows his stuff which he offers with light-hearted inspiration.
Carl G.

Oakland, CA

In my own aerial journey, I had a move I had been working on for ten months (an arduous ten months!)–the flare to flag. He had developed his own scaffolding for that particular move–a variety of warm-ups and “floorial” and isometric positions. I went through it in the space of one workshop, a few days of training, and then a private lesson, and then, on video no less, at the end of the hour I did it for the first time in my life. Other coaches and tried to get me there, but the cueing was all the same–because it was all the same thing their teachers had told them.
Alex Rowland

Aaron’s press handstand workshop was very helpful in giving me tools to improve my overall handstand capability. The warm up was a bit different than what I normally do (which I really appreciate!) and really fun.
We worked on many different ways of pressing into a handstand, along with exercises to strengthen certain muscle groups. I definitely had some “light bulb” moments during his workshop which were very helpful for me. Highly recommend!
Karli S.

Shelton, WA

I trained aerial straps and handstands with him and he’s really help me progress.
Dani H.

Los Angeles, CA