MTL Rope + Straps 5-day Intensive

August 29th – September 2nd, 2024

Academie De Cirque De Montreal

Join Koz and Em for 5 days (25 hours!) of gravity-defying intermediate and advanced dynamic rope and straps coaching. Learn the lil’ cues and sneaky drills that break down the physical and mental roadblocks to some of the most fun dynamic movements in the air. 

Each day will consist of one block on rope, led by Em, and one block led by Koz, with both covering concepts that could be applied to dynamic technique on rope, straps, or even silks! Develop research, get your crayons out, and learn how to find the technique and pathway that works best for you. End your summer right by exploring new ways to move while honing your existing technique on rope and straps.



Swings: experience with fundamental beat pathways like turn-planche beats, amazon beats, and scissor beats.

Rolling/c-shaping: experience with exploring different types of slow and fast rolling. 

Static Strength: hold back/front balance, and ability to invert with straight arms. 


Swings: experience with turn-planche beats, front/back beats, and/or 1-arm swings.

Spins: experience training 1-arm/2-arm flare pathways to half-straddle, meathook, etc. 

Static Strength: straight arm inverts, and ability to safely skin the cat, and hold meathook, and/or back flags. 

Aaron Koz

Koz is an aerial straps (and more!) trainer and performer with over 10 years operating an international circus and aerial coaching practice drawing from current research in human performance, motor learning, and exercise science.

Koz’ teacher & performer training courses and workshops have spread a science-backed, human-centric training approach to hundreds of coaches and thousands of students worldwide.


Em Chilvers: 

Em Chilvers is renowned as one of the world’s grooviest corde artists. Hailing from Australia, and performing all around the world, you can find Em rocking a unique style, and a passion for research and creation in the air.

They coach drawing on their studies in biomechanics and motor learning, and a lifetime of figuring this stuff out, to work with people to figure out unique technical puzzles to find what all our wonderfully different bodies can achieve and can bring to the art of rope.



Highlights from Past Trainings

I’ve been to several teacher trainings that did not feel appropriately leveled where I’ve left feeling like I didn’t learn as much as desired or “get my money’s worth”. This training was the first that I have been 100% satisfied with. The amount of material covered was good, and I appreciated learning so many progressions and drills to help students (or myself) work up to a skill. I feel like I have all the tools I need to build training plans for myself as well as lesson plans for experienced aerialists looking to start straps training. You allowed us plenty of time to work through skills thoroughly and get a full understanding of everything, while maintaining a good pace and not making me feel like I was just sitting around waiting for the next thing. You also made it fun – which is hugely important but not often the case with teacher trainings.

Excellent ability to organize and connect information in an accessible way for people coming from different backgrounds, apparatuses, and motivations. I really enjoyed that the atmosphere encouraged us to offer & receive feedback from one another in addition to your feedback, and practice hands on spotting.

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