Advanced 2-arm Aerial Swinging – L2


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The Advanced Swinging Reference Guide was built in collaboration between with Aaron Koz and Caoliang Wang to make advanced dynamic straps technique more accessible by giving you progressions, cues, floorial, and more. As long as you have someone who can move the chair/box for you and meet our recommended general prerequisites, you can safely start working towards some of the coolest and most fun aerial straps swinging skills.

Each skill covered has a series of progressions/drills and recommended sequences that will build embodied understanding, key tips/cues to focus on during each set of swings, relevant accessory exercises/floorial, common problems and common injury risks.

For any plateaus or individual questions you may have that arise during your dynamic swinging journey, Caoliang and Koz are both available for 30 and 60 minute consults.

The Advanced 2-arm Swinging Reference Guide includes:

What is Advanced Aerial Swinging?
How to Use Guide
Advanced Swinging Periodization
Using Spin within Your Swing
Injury Risk Reduction for Swinging
Breathing During Your Swing

Advanced 2-arm Swinging Skills Covered:

- 2-arm Front/Back Swing Variations
- 2-arm Side Swing/Turn-Planche Beats
- Front Half-turn + Back Full-turn
- Disloc
- Inloc
- Back Salto/Tuck Double
- Beat to Seat (Bent Leg Delchev)
- Swing to Cross-arm Front Balance (Delchev)
- Swing to 2-arm Back Balance
- Swing to 2-arm Full-twist

Caoliang Wang is a gymnast/acrobat originally from Jilin, China. Beginning gymnastics as a child, he studied and practiced at Jilin Sport Institute in Changchun up until 2007 when he was 18. During this time, he became part of the national team and competed annually, bringing his province up to national recognition. In 2008, Caoliang got offered a coaching position in Kuwait for a local gymnastics club. With his help, the gymnastics club, Kazma, was able to reach second place in the 2009 national competition.

Even though coaching brought on new experiences, Caoliang still didn’t feel physically challenged enough and returned back to China to continue bettering his craft. After a few months of returning back to his home town, he auditioned for Cirque du Soleil.

With his unique skill set, Caoliang was able to stand out above the other candidates in his audition for Cirque du Soleil. This skill soon got him accepted with Cirque du Soleil and made him the perfect candidate for their new creation Totem in 2009.

Caoliang was originally casted as a high bar artist but over the years, with his motivation and determination, he has been able to expand his character/skill abilities to Totem’s multiple acts and characters.

Even with all the shows and touring with Totem, Caoliang still found time to learn new skills. He started learning straps in 2017. With his determination and background he has pushed the boundaries of high level straps technique. and with different approaches in the apparatus.

In 2019, Caoliang finished his chapter with Cirque du Soleil - Totem, he moved to Montreal to pursue his career as an independent artist and coach. Currently,. he is teaching at the École National de Cirque in Montreal (as well as online and privately) and performing locally here in Montreal.

Caoliang’s many hobbies allow him to express himself and blend interdisciplinary art forms. With the opportunity to be around different disciplines and skills with circus artists, Caoliang has had the chance to expand his abilities and continue his growth as he never stops looking for a new challenge to conquer.