Couch to Aerial Fitness – 12 Week Program



The 12-Weeks To Circus Fitness manual, co-produced with Max March-Steinman and Bethany Chao, was written for beginner to intermediate flexible, customizable, and progressive all around minimalist aerial and circus strength training. With workouts focusing on inversions, handstands, active flexibility, c-shaping, and more, there are recommendations for how to progress each movement and workout over time using science-based “progressive overload” principles. Pretty much all you’ll need is something to hang from, flat surfaces, perhaps some resistance bands, and a heavy backpack!

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There are 100+ drill videos with recommendations and guidelines on how to program and adjust your own training (rather than forcing a structure upon you). The manual works through a choose-your-own adventure format, where you can choose and insert different workouts into your week based on your specific goals, time that you can commit, and equipment you have available.

If you're looking for an individualized program that is tailored towards apparatus-based skills, email and we can build one together or I can write one for you!