Straps Jungle Party – 2022

January 27th – February 3rd, 2022 
Airborne Arts, Costa Rica

Escape dreary winter and short days for a tropical aerial straps retreat in Costa Rica’s mountainous jungle. Long days, Costa Rican coffee, aerial straps (and more!) on an outdoor aerial deck raised above the jungle, mountain waterfalls, and pura vida! 

 Aerial Straps Jungle Party!

Join a straps crew at Airborne Arts to level up your fundamental to advanced theory, strength, and skill for swinging, spinning, and straps c-shaping movements. Spend your days training hard, and your nights playing hard (in the pool, on the rig, or playing actual games). Most days will include guided/structured training as well as time for open sessions on straps, handstands, your apparatus of choice, you name it! 

What’s Included:

– Airport to Retreat Center Drop-off/Pick-up
– 7 nights of jungle accommodation 
– Aerial straps immersion  
Unlimited training time
– Three delicious local meals per day
– Beach excursion to Dominical
– Additional Excursion (activity dependent on weather conditions)
– 24/7 mountain-side pool access
– Group games and shenanigans
– Chocolate tacos and Costa Rica coffee


 Not included: 

 – flights to/from SJO
 – travel insurance
 – optional flying trapeze classes, massage, et cetera


Early-bird pricing (register and submit your deposit by June 30th: $2075.
Bring a friend pricing: $2150
Regular pricing: $2500. Payment plans available. Email me: 


Highlights from Past Trainings

I’ve been to several teacher trainings that did not feel appropriately leveled where I’ve left feeling like I didn’t learn as much as desired or “get my money’s worth”. This training was the first that I have been 100% satisfied with. The amount of material covered was good, and I appreciated learning so many progressions and drills to help students (or myself) work up to a skill. I feel like I have all the tools I need to build training plans for myself as well as lesson plans for experienced aerialists looking to start straps training. You allowed us plenty of time to work through skills thoroughly and get a full understanding of everything, while maintaining a good pace and not making me feel like I was just sitting around waiting for the next thing. You also made it fun – which is hugely important but not often the case with teacher trainings.

Excellent ability to organize and connect information in an accessible way for people coming from different backgrounds, apparatuses, and motivations. I really enjoyed that the atmosphere encouraged us to offer & receive feedback from one another in addition to your feedback, and practice hands on spotting.

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