All Apparatus C-shaping L1



This 40-page manual has videos and cues for 25 different on-apparatus drills, and 20+ warm-up and off-apparatus drills for waist rolls, back balances, hipkey roll-ups, reverse meathooks, and more. All Apparatus C-shaping L1 covers how to pick which of those drills to use (depending on your goals, apparatus, and starting point), how much to train them, and when to move on to other drills! The introduction overlaps with some of what is covered in the L2, but remember to use your discount code you found in the L1 for the L2!

The L1 breaks down introductory c-shaping and moves through sling-based, thigh-hitch c-shaping, and 2-arm c-shaping progressions.

The primarily apparatus used to explain drills and skills are sling, fabric, straps, and rope, though all the strict verticals drills could be done in the spanset on hoop or the ropes on trapeze, and all the sling drills could be done in the hoop or on the bar (they’re just more painful).

Some of the skills covered are:

  • C-shaping Sling Positions
  • C-shaping Sling Rolls
  • Back Balance Tempo/Butterfly Tempo Prep
  • 2-arm Entries to Flag, Meathook, and Back Balance
  • Cross-arm Front Balance Roll-up
  • Thigh hitch roll to Face-down
  • Butterfly Tempos
  • Roll-up to Front C "Swing Through" to Back C (Meathook to Flag)