Warm-up Cheat Sheet



Here it is, you asked for it - hopefully those higher level concepts help you in your warm-up design! If they don't, let me know why at the email below!

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But what is the warm-up cheatsheet?

This comprehensive cheat-sheet offers a set of guidelines and fresh perspectives on warm-up routines for aerialists and circus artists, emphasizing the need for evolving and customized routines to enhance performance, safety, creativity and enjoyment. It challenges the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach, advocating for warm-ups that are specifically tailored to the individual's needs and the day's training focus.

Highlighting the dynamic nature of aerial and circus arts, the cheat-sheet poses questions that can help you reevaluate routines that may have been effective for you in the past but might not serve your current training goals. This approach is applicable across creative, technical, or strength sessions, providing a balanced and effective preparation for the main training session.

In summary, this cheat-sheet revolutionizes warm-up routines for aerialists and circus artists. It advocates for personalized, specific, and efficient warm-ups that align with the individual's goals and the session's focus, using the RPE scale as a guideline for choosing exercises and approaches. This approach ensures a balance between safety, performance improvements, and enjoyment, making it a valuable resource for practitioners at all levels.