Online Resources!

The following online resources were collaboratively created with a variety of coaching circus artists and physical therapists (such as Angie Prescott, PT, DPT, CSCS; Cody Hayman, @circococo; Jennifer Freeman, DPT). Reach out to Koz directly for online coaching and access to an exclusive straps skills video library.

Here’s a review by Hayley Larson, Coach at Aloft  (@hayley.dynamo):

“Have you always admired the beauty of spin techniques employed by straps artists but felt it to be too complex for a circus artist such as yourself? Well, Aaron Kozloff has come to the rescue with his collaborator, Angie Prescott PT, DPT, CSCS!

Earlier this year they released The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide V1, a in-depth exploration and explanation of spin technique. I found the guide — which covers spinning into meathook, nutcracker and reverse meathook on two, one and a half, or one arm — to be an accessible introduction to these ought feared techniques and positions (although if everything I just said was gibberish to you, maybe save this guide for later). Included are many progressions for each position as well as thoughtful tips from a PT perspective that are especially useful for those students without regular access to a coach who might be teaching said spin techniques. If you are excited to learn about all of the muscle-y bits in your shoulders and their relationship to each other, then this guide is calling for you!

As an aerialist, I intend to work my favorite exercises from this book into my personal training, and as a coach I would recommend this guide to my advanced students and peers who are looking to kick their training up a notch.”

The Aerial Spinning Reference Guide V1. contains over 30 videos and pictures, and in-depth explanations to start spinning and then spin your way to inverted straddle, meathook, nutcracker (half-straddle), and…

Here’s another review by Rachel Hunt (of @AerialCanvas).

Koz has worked as a physical therapy technician, shadowed physios internationally, and teaches the first aerial straps teacher training program. He offers remote conditioning program creation and skill/movement assessments – for more details, email directly.