Aerial Straps Teacher Training

Momentum Aerial, Flagstaff, AZ – Teacher Training – January 3-6th  – SOLD OUT!
Arizona, USA – Teacher Training – January 13-16th – SOLD OUT!
Kam Hram, Split, Croatia – Teacher Training – April 20th-24th, 2020 – Cancelled (dang COVID)

The training aids aerial teachers in building their teaching knowledge and curriculum of straps style techniques (using straps and other apparatus!). During the training, participants will learn a range of static straps skills, transitions, relevant progressions/regressions, and spotting techniques. The training has been built in collaboration from Australian and US physical and myotherapists with a focus on common potential injury risks.

The focus of the curriculum is on scalability and building lesson plans that allow for safe progression of students in a group class (without being solely a straps conditioning class, building strength and pathways over time). Functional anatomy/physiology and appropriate strengthening/injury prevention will also be covered to build awareness of correct body mechanics specific to static and dynamic straps-style skills.

Program Highlights 

• Participants will receive a 80+ page manual with pedagogy, strength training principles, and a skill dictionary for use after the training
• Skill dictionary of static positions, dynamic techniques, skills and transitions
• Safe spotting techniques
• Progressions/regressions using multiple apparatus geared towards training straps-style skills safely
• How to build stations into class planning to encourage efficient and safe movement through different drills and skills

• Identifying common problems in static techniques and pathways
• Developing effective teaching practices based on current learning research
• Focuses on both strength and conditioning as well as movement patterning
• Fun and varied warm-ups and lesson plans to use in the future
• Functional anatomy/physiology/kinesiology
• Shoulder/thoracic spine health/injury prevention

General Prerequisites Guidelines  (Prerequisites will vary based on training/intensive):
• Minimum of 2-3 years aerial teaching experience (does not include aerial yoga) OR 3 or more years seriously training vertical aerial apparatus
• 5 pull-ups from dead hang and 3-5 dips from support position
• Ability to safely straight arm invert in the air multiple times
• Comfort in skin the cat
• 30 seconds – 1 min single arm hold (in a wrist lock) with hollow body and shoulder engagement
• Ability to hold 1 arm meathook and support position for 5-10 seconds or more
• False grip leg raises (toes to bar) – 3-5
• Experience training spinning and swinging skills like flares and beats/swings
• Experience training for reverse meathooks (or at minimum back balances on rope/fabric)

Applicants must submit an audition video via email to with the above pre-requisites PLUS a demonstration of the following:

– A sequence of aerial movements/skills/sequencing without relying on foot locks (or floor contact) for 1 minute minimum (on fabric/rope/straps)
– A video teaching an aerial apparatus in a class/lesson setting

Payment plans available, but to secure your spot, a deposit of 50% must be made upon acceptance into the program (or two months in advance of the start date). Payment of the remaining 50% is due 1 week prior to the start date of the program.

Momentum Aerial, Flagstaff, AZ – Teacher Training – January 3-7th  – SOLD OUT!
Arizona, USA – Teacher Training – January 13-16th – SOLD OUT!

More teacher training dates coming soon. 

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